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I work with a wide range of clientele and provide individual, group, couples, child and family therapy as well as evaluation services. I am fluent in Hindi and Urdu and am very familiar with cultural issues associated with South-Asian and other Asian cultures.

I am available for speaking engagements and workshops to promote self-esteem and effective cross-cultural relationships in the work place. I also provide consultation to various companies and agencies. My consultation experience includes consulting to preschool and nursing home staff, domestic violence shelters, as well as various mental health agencies.

My specialties include the following, but I work with a wide range of clientele:

-Couples and Family Therapy
-Sexual and Physical Abuse and Trauma
-Domestic Violence
-Torture and PTSD
-Multicultural Issues
-Cultural Issues pertaining to South-Asians
-Women's Issues
-GLBTQ clients

Also, if you can't come to me for professional services due to a personal relationship we share, or a conflict of interest, please don't hesitate to contact me anyway as I have a wonderful group of colleagues that I respect and adore, and would be happy to recommend to you if it is a good fit for you.